Protect Your Small Business Dreams

Protect Your Small Business Dreams

I have chosen to use Koorsen Fire & Security to protect my store.  They wrote an article for their  blog that I thought I’d share.


Take a walk along Main Street in Fortville, Indiana and you’ll find all the traits of small town America. Neighbors greeting neighbors while the kids run ahead teetering on mischief. Warm greetings flow from every store and restaurant and pub you walk into. On certain evenings, you’ll find classic cars parked along the street with their owners sitting nearby carrying on conversations with fellow car enthusiasts. It’s as if you’re in a Norman Rockwell painting of a Main Street in a small town in America. And it is this picturesque little street in charming Fortville that drove Libby Wyatt to realize her dreams and open up her first shop.


blue bins in storeAs a child, Libby grew up in a small little town, similar to Fortville, in southern Indiana. Much like the kids today in Fortville, she would ride her bike up and down the main street, occasionally taking a break for some delicious ice cream. She loved wandering into the little shops and admiring all the wares the store owners were selling. She always dreamt of someday being one of the store owners that welcomed neighbors and strangers alike. She kept that dream alive even as her life took other paths throughout the years. It wasn’t until recently, that her path finally took her to Fortville where she realized that this was the town and this was the street where she would open up her own shop.

“You grow up as a kid in a small town and you just think that’s the way life is. You think everybody owns a store and so I thought from a young age that I could too. It’s the American dream.”


With the location picked, Libby still had a long road ahead. “Starting your own business is overwhelming and exciting and fun,” she recalls. “There were some sleepless nights and lots of choices to be made on everything from business cards to flooring to paint colors and lighting. I researched light bulbs for six hours and I still probably didn’t do a very good job,” she laughs as she glances around admiring her newly opened store. Through the twists and turns and ups and downs, Libby pressed on and slowly but surely everything came together. “The store I believe was just supposed to be. It was supposed to happen. So I kind of went along and rolled with the punches.” With the smell of fresh paint still wafting through the air, Libby’s dreams were finally realized as StoreHouse opened its doors and welcomed its first of many customers.


storage binsWalk into StoreHouse and you’ll find a mix of upcycled and recycled furniture for storing things along with some vintage and industrial knobs, baskets, bins, hooks, and hangers.

“I started StoreHouse because I’m an organizer and I think that storage solutions don’t need to be plastic bins and ugly containers. It should be a conversation piece that guests find unique and interesting and stylish.”

Libby’s favorite part of StoreHouse is meeting and talking with all the people who come in. “They come in with storage problems and I find great joy in helping solve them,” she smiles, as a customer across the store admires some old barns doors she was excited to find just recently.

“It’s just amazing that I can pull something together like this and offer it to other people. It’s like the American dream. My dream.”


With all the sweat and hard work Libby put into building StoreHouse, she wants to make sure it’s safe and protected when she’s not there. When it came time to picking a security system that could effectively protect her small business, Libby went with the company that had been successfully protecting her home for years, Koorsen Home Security. Koorsen Home Security systems are perfect for homes and small businesses. Inside StoreHouse, you’ll find cameras, motion detectors, window breaks and doors contacts installed to safely protect and secure the shop. Her favorite part are the cameras, “when I leave at night, I can use my phone or computer to check my cameras. I can see that the doors are locked and the security system is on. It gives me peace of mind knowing that when I come back in the morning, everything is going to be just as I left it.”

The best part about a Koorsen Home Security system for small businesses is that it’s affordable with a low monthly monitoring fee and no required contract. It’s easy to install by yourself and you can upgrade the system anytime with new security, automation, and energy management products.

“A Koorsen Home Security system was a no-brainer when it came to protecting my small business dream, StoreHouse”


If you’re in the area and looking for innovative storage solutions that are bound to catch the eyes of your house guests, then head over to StoreHouse at 11 South Main Street, #2 in the tranquil town of Fortville, Indiana. There you’ll be greeted by Libby Wyatt, who as a little girl dreamt of owning her own business and made it come true in Fortville.

If you’re a fellow small business owner, like Libby, who is looking to protect your small business dreams, click here to contact Koorsen Home Security today or call us at 1-866-600-9208.

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