Dr. Christian Jarrett is a psychologist turned writer who seeks out exciting new research and showcases its relevance for life.  I found his article about The Perfect Workspace (According to Science) and thought is was share worthy.

 The Perfect Workspace (According to Science)

The perfect office: high ceilings, lots of colors, and round furniture. And plants. Don’t forget the plants.

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Protect Your Small Business Dreams

I have chosen to use Koorsen Fire & Security to protect my store.  They wrote an article for their  blog that I thought I’d share.


Take a walk along Main Street in Fortville, Indiana and you’ll find all the traits of small town America. Neighbors greeting neighbors while the kids run ahead teetering on mischief. Warm greetings flow from every store and restaurant and pub you walk into.

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This is our first blog post. We’re hard at work coming up with some great ideas on how you can better utilize your space, and create appealing storage solutions. Look for some great content soon!

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